Sponsors and Fundraising

Partnering Minerva Bath RC

As a voluntary organisation we depend on member contributions and sponsorship. A big thank you to all our sponsors and supporters. Your support enables us to continue to grow our club and encourage more people to join the sport. We have squads competing and training from age 13 to 79 and we are still winning in all categories. There are many ways of becoming a sponsor or helping the club. If you are interested please contact the Chair.

We would also like to thank Helen Glover, GB Rowing Olympic gold medallist at London 2012, for being our patron and showing her support for the club since learning to row here in 2008.

Minerva Bath has a proud and rich history stretching back to 1914 and our origins in Bath Ladies Boat Club. In the 100+ years that have followed we have never stood still and always moved forward.

With the help of Sport England, BANES and many local trust funds and sponsors we have been able to expand our clubs facilities and equipment, including a second boathouse and a shower block so that more people can join the club and enjoy the sport of rowing, socially or competitively.

But we always need more. For instance, our junior squad has increased 3 fold over the last 2 years and the pressure on coaching and equipment is inevitable. We run courses for local charity for disadvantaged children, Mentoring Plus, and are short of the equipment we need to help continue this. We fund as much as we can from our membership fees but equipment and repairs are expensive.

Can you help?
• Sponsor one of our many fundraising events?
• Donate your time to help with an event?
• Just donate some money towards a boat, an indoor rowing machine, riggers, a life jacket, a cox box etc.

Whatever you can do to help – we want to know. So please get in touch with the Chair.

What is the Minerva Bath 100 Club?

It’s a Private Lottery. You buy numbers, which give you the right to take part in draws for cash prizes. Half of the sales proceeds are paid out in a prize for the monthly winner and the rest goes to Minerva Bath Rowing Club to fund the club and its activities.

How does it work?

It runs on the basis of a monthly subscription of as much as you would like. You subscribe to Numbers at £5 each and you can have as many numbers as you like. All numbers participate equally in a prize draw held every month.

When are the draws, and what are the prizes?

There are 12 Draws each year for one prize per draw. The prize is 50% of the monthly total.

What are the rules?

For the full and exhaustive rules and regulations CLICK HERE.

How do I join?

Through WebCollect CLICK HERE to get started. When you have joined we will contact you so that you can pick your numbers

Who supports the Minerva Bath 100 Club?

You can only join The 100 Club if you are a member of Minerva Bath Rowing Club and 16 or over. Parents of Junior Members are welcome to join The 100 Club but they must first join the Rowing Club. There is no limit on the numbers of numbers and prizes will increase in step with the value of the subscriptions. The more of us that participate, the more boats and blades we can buy. Your support is gratefully received.