Minerva Bath 100 Club Rules

1. Name
The Club shall be called the Minerva Bath 100 Club (the 100 Club). It is a Private Lottery as defined in guidance issued by The Gambling Commission in April 2016.

2. Object
The object of the Club is to provide money to fund the activities of Minerva Bath Rowing Club.

3. Officers and Committee of the Club
The Club will be run by members of Minerva Bath forming a Committee of 3 Officers (the Committee) appointed by the Minerva Bath Committee. 2 Officers shall form a quorum. The Officers may co-opt other members of Minerva Bath to assist in the running of the Club.

4. Membership
Applications for membership shall be made on the Club’s application form and shall be accompanied by a completed standing order form. Members, who must be 16 years old or over, may apply for any number of numbers. There is no limit on the number of members. If, for whatever reason, an application is not accepted by the Committee, the monies shall be returned. If a Parent or Guardian of a Junior Member wishes to join that is allowed if the Parent or Guardian also joins the Rowing Club. Non-Members of the Rowing Club may not join The 100 Club.

5. Subscriptions
The subscription shall be £5 per number and any number of £5 numbers can be subscribed for, payable by monthly standing order. The Committee shall have the power to refuse the subscription of any member.

6. Tickets, draws, and prizes
Each number will be recorded on a central list held by the Committee. All numbers will be equally eligible to participate in 12 prize draws held during the year. There will be 12 monthly prize draws with the timing of the draws at the discretion of the Committee. The value of each prize will be 50% of the monthly subscription value. Bank transfers will be made to the prize winner. A list of prize winners will be published on the Minerva Bath Facebook page.

7. Proceeds
The surplus for the previous year or years shall be applied in support of the activities of Minerva Bath Rowing Club, taking into account advice by the committee.

8. Leaving
If a 100 Club member wishes to leave the Club, they can by emailing the Treasurer. The member shall be deemed to have left from the first working day of the month after the Treasurer receives their notification. If, for whatever reason, their subscription is taken by Web Collect following their leaving this will be refunded to them within 28 days.