Christmas Scratch Regatta 2018

5th January, 2019

Well done to all those who organised and took part in the Christmas scratch regatta, which transferred to an indoor erg relay with crews from BUBC and Minerva – thanks to MJ and James for rallying everyone to make it a lot of fun. There are plans afoot for a rematch in the summer!

Katrina Hayes (midweek) and Joe Mummery (senior men) paired with Molly Hopping and Jeremy Snudden from Uni won after an age handicap was applied.  Another crew, made up of young uni students did the fastest raw time. Bottle of champerss for the winners and Cava for the runners up.

Well done to everyone who joined in and made the most of a day of bad weather – £150 also raised for club funds from the super contributions of chilli and gluhwein.

Other News

New Boat Name

The new Hudson lightweight has been named Liburna meaning light fast warship invented by the Liburni

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Row Yourself Home

Who else is singing this in their heads every time they head down the steps to the water with a boat aloft?

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