Go Row Indoor: a British Rowing initiative

31st December, 2023

Go Row Indoor Rowing Classes is a British Rowing initiative for those who are interested in getting fitter on land instead of water.

The idea is that the classes cater to people of all ages and levels of fitness. Like spin classes but using rowing machines: it is a total workout that’s fun, simple to learn and of low impact. It is ideal for people who have been less active due to injury or health issues. And it’s also proven to be good for people identified as pre-diabetic. It is a fun way to get fit, stay healthy and meet new people.

British Rowing approached Minerva about Go Row, and a group of Minerva members did a training course with a BR instructor in September. We visited Bristol Ariel RC to find out what has worked for them; they have been running sessions for about five years using a combination of volunteers and qualified PTs to run the sessions. They are passionate about the benefits it has brought them, including gaining significant funds for their club and the program means they are more diverse and inclusive.

Since then, Minerva has run a ‘soft launch’ of the classes to enable us to practice what we learned on the course. This has been a great success. Now, the Committee has approved the start of Go Row sessions in January.

Look out for more information on dates and times soon!

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