In Profile - Sue Lees

3rd October, 2023

Sue is a junior coordinator and coach and is in the midweek squad. Sue’s been a Minerva member since 1990.

Why do you row?
For friendship and fun. I love introducing beginners to the sport.

When did you join Minerva and where have you rowed before?
I’ve rowed at Minerva continuously since 1990. I learnt to row at Minerva when the club was at Batheaston, by the toll bridge. I started with three others and so we had an instant crew were friends immediately. Andy Ursell coxed us when we won our Novice pot at Bridgnorth.

Sweep or sculling?
Both. I’m getting more into single sculling and Hils and I have just bought a beautiful Carl Douglas to share (it’s he one covered in carpet in the boat shed; we’re frightened to use her!)

Tell us about your latest successes… And plans for this year
Definitely rowing at the Vogalonga in Venice. What an experience rowing down the Grand Canal and round the lagoon 35K and with such an amazing group of women.

Give us your top 3 tips for training for a race.
Just Do It! Enter a race. And race every session like the juniors do. (Mind you, personally, I just love drills!)

What do you like about Minerva?
I love the way there is something for all ages and abilities at the club.

What would you change/wish list?
Have some new small boats.

Most embarrassing rowing moment.
I am trying to forget when I flipped the RIB, although I don’t get embarrassed about stuff any more!

Most proud rowing moment.
Watching juniors race for the first time.

Most likely to say…
“Where is my phone?!” (A: at the bottom of a canal in Venice.)

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