Returning to Rowing 2021 guidance

Minerva is now preparing for members to return to the water following Government and British Rowing Guidancei. The club will reopen to all members subject to the following rules on the 29th March. Some club assets may be out of action until they have been checked over, this will be visible on the boat booking site – speak to your captain in planning your squad session. 

Our reopening relies on every member, of every club on-site, to adhere to the highest standards of hand hygiene, a thorough cleaning regime and social distancing. If you feel you cannot adhere to any of this guidance, or feel that you could still be at risk, then please do not come to the club. Everyone, on every visit to the club must adhere to these rules. 

If you notice that another rower or visitor to the club is not adhering to our rules, you must point this out to them politely. The main committee reserves the right to ask individuals or groups to leave the site, or to close the club at any stage if the guidance and protocols outlined here are not followed. 

Rules to be followed 

If you are exhibiting any symptoms of coronavirus, or if anyone in your household is self-isolating, or exhibiting symptoms themselves, you must stay at home. 

Social distancing of two metres must be maintained when not in a boat. 

Face masks must be worn by all rowers and all visitors to the club at all times. 

Track and Trace. All members must log in to the club using the QR code by the front door. 

Signing out. All boats must be signed on and off the water, this must include a crew member’s contact details for track-and-trace purposes. 

Crew Bubbles 

All crews must operate in bubbles with a maximum mixed-household group size of six people including a cox. Swapping between bubbles within a weekend is forbidden. Where possible, use the same equipment. 

Small Boats 

Standard club rules apply for 2x/- 1xs. Junior members or parents should speak with the junior organisation team. As above, please use the same equipment for each outing. 

Boat booking 

All boats, including private boats* and launches, must be booked through the booking system. For fairness, the committee reserves the right to restrict rowers to one session per day if the club is struggling with capacity. The first weekend session begins at 0700h and you must have left the site before your two-hour slot has finished. This is to avoid overcrowding and to minimise mixing between groups. You may not re-rig any boats without explicit permission from the Club Captain. 

Coaches are restricted to maximum group sizes of twelve people per session, including themselves. 

Safety and Hazards 

Members are responsible for their individual and collective safety. Members should recognise the considerable time they have spent away from rowing and take appropriate action to minimise risks caused by this. All members will adhere to Minerva’s rowing safety guidance. 

Boat shed 

A maximum of one crew including the cox, per bay is permitted at any one time. Crews must not mix or congregate together inside. 

Personal Storage 

There is no provision for changing, showering (except in emergencies), bathroom use or storage of kit bags. You must arrive ready to row and store your kit bag under your boat’s rack. You must supply your own face mask. 

Changing rooms 

Showers remain out of bounds except for emergencies; please switch off isolating switches after use. 

Toilets should be only used in an emergency, and then only the disabled bathroom in that instance. 

The Erg Deck remains out of bounds except for necessary repairs. 


The maximum number of people on the landing stage at one time is restricted to the maximum of three boats or twelve individuals. Rowers returning to the club will have priority over those waiting to boat. 

During the outing 

Crews should aim to minimise potential transmission between rowers by rowing at full crew throughout the outing and avoiding shouting. On arrival back at the landing stage, rowers must put their masks back on before leaving the boat. 


Coxes in a stern loader must wear a mask and visor, visors are allocated to individuals and can be found in the boat shed. In a bow loader coxes must only wear a face mask. Club-owned and numbered cox boxes will be allocated to individuals who cox regularly. The microphone must be worn outside of the cox’s mask and must be cleaned and sanitised between outings and a record of usage maintained. Coxes must sanitise their hands before any equipment. Gloves should be worn (once) and are available at the club. The cox seat, steering wires, cox box and headset must be wiped with a sanitising wipe before and after each outing. 

For every outing, all members must adhere to the cleaning checklists on posters at the club. Get into the habit of sanitising your hands regularly. 

Please contact your squad captain if you have questions.